Values, business principles and strategy

In addition to applicable legislation and regulations, Caruna’s operations are conducted in accordance with jointly defined values, company strategy and good corporate governance principles.


Caruna’s values were updated together with the personnel, Management Team and Board of Directors in 2017. The renewed values emphasise individual responsibility and Caruna’s role in society, along with the importance of good customer relationships.



  • I identify the customer’s needs and do my best to meet them
  • Together with our network, I ensure an excellent customer experience
  • I am Caruna’s voice and face
  • I keep my promises, both to external and internal customers
  • I can explain what we do in the customer’s language


  • I strive to make progress and reform my work – I am not afraid of change
  • I take responsibility and make decisions
  • I set the bar high and I strive to improve my performance
  • We succeed and fail together
  • We celebrate success and learn from experience
  • I identify risks and take them into account


  • We look after our electricity network, which is a pillar of our society
  • We are local and easy to approach
  • We create opportunities for other operators and the society as a whole
  • We join in the social debate
  • We act transparently and responsibly
  • We develop our network with a comprehensive and long-term perspective


In accordance with our company strategy, updated in 2017, we serve our customers in the best possible way, look after the wellbeing of our personnel as well as possible, maintain and develop our electricity network so that it meets the present and future needs of our users and society, and make our expertise available for a wider use by the sector.


Our vision, a million satisfied customers, seeks to achieve customer satisfaction and growth. Our strategic choices are satisfied customers and the ability to evolve along with the changes in our operating environment To achieve this, we focus on developing a customer-oriented and efficient core business, showing good corporate citizenship and enabling growth and new services.

The way we work

Caruna’s Code of Conduct is based on our values and it forms the basis for our operating principles. It defines how we take care of Caruna’s property, how we collaborate and act toward each other, and how we run our electricity distribution business. The Code of Conduct and the guidelines based on it are part of Caruna’s Compliance system.

The Code of Conduct ensures that everyone at Caruna understands the practices and ethical principles that guide our operations in the same way. We adhere to our Code of Conduct in all our business operations, both within the company and when dealing with our interest groups and the surrounding society.

The Code of Conduct ensures that everyone at Caruna understands the practices and ethical principles that guide our operations in the same way.

The Code of Conduct concerns all Caruna employees, managers and Board members alike. Everyone at Caruna takes an online course on the Code of Conduct and commits to its principles as part of their induction process. We also require our contractors, service providers, suppliers and other contractual partners to adhere to the same principles. Caruna has drawn up a separate document for contractors and suppliers, the Supplier Code of Conduct, and each contractor and supplier is expected to commit to following it.

Our Code of Conduct is complemented by policies approved by the Board, outlining more in detail the operational principles concerning Caruna’s focus areas, as well as by internal guidelines. Caruna has in place separate guidelines for areas such as anti-corruption measures, conflicts of interest and confidential data. Regarding competition law, we have specific guidance and an online course which is part of employee induction.

Caruna’s policies and guidelines are available to the entire personnel in the company’s intranet. Documents in use by both Caruna and its contractors and other partners are found in the common digital working spaces. The principles and the key points of our HR policy, HSE policy and contracting policy for our key operational areas can be found in this report’s chapters about corporate responsibility and on our website.

Suspected cases of misconduct can be reported using the reporting channel available on our website.

We respect the UN Declaration of Human Rights, International Labour Organization’s (ILO) conventions and the UN Global Compact initiative. Caruna’s consolidated financial statements are drawn up in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).